Craps odds and strategy


Before you start playing Online Craps is very important that you know what the odds are that you can have with a certain pitch. In this article, everything that has to do with the results to be interpreted Craps are possible. This is very important to know, before you go to actually roll the dice.

In Craps there are 12 numbers that can be thrown, namely: 2 t / m 12. Due to the fact that the game is played with two dice, there are 36 opportunities to throw. One of these twelve songs Here are the numbers 2 and 12, but with a combination is possible and the number 7 as many as six different combinations. For this reason, the chance to throw 7 many times greater than the chance of throwing. Or 2 12

Below, all possible combinations are shown. At Online Craps table the corresponding odds are displayed. If you want to significantly increase for yourself, the odds in craps it is very important that you remember these percentages.

As can be seen clearly falls in the above table, is to throw the number. 7 with most combinations once you throw the dice, you have to be precise: 16.67% chance to throw 7. The numbers 2 and 12 are just throwing a combination, namely: 1 +1 and 6 +6. This gives you much less likely to throw. Course one of these numbers If you want the chance of winning your first throw calculate, it is important that you being a consideration the chances of throwing 7 and 11.To throw these numbers, there are a total of nine combinations, six combinations for throwing seven and two combinations to throw. 11 In other words, the probability that you win the first roll is twice as large as you lose him.

The odds of winning or losing the pass-line bet in total: 12/36 (8/36 + 4/36)

Expressed as a percentage, this is exactly 33.33%. The odds will change significantly as the game progresses.

When these percentages will remember you will find that the odds of winning will increase considerably. These are certainly the most important basic values that every craps player should know about online craps before you start playing.

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