About E-lottery And Virtual World Direct. Its Advantages.

Virtual World Direct (VWD) buys tickets for two of the biggest lotteries in the world. We can buy tickets directly through the website. It can be said that the company is an intermediary.

The company also developed a system of syndicates. That is, buying a ticket for the lottery game, you automatically get in the group of 39 people for UK and 59 for Evromillion. All winnings are divided among all members of this group. That is, if someone wins the jackpot, then all people in the syndicate will get it! Due to the fact that people create such groups – syndicates, the probability of winning the big prize is greatly increased because it depends proportionally on the number of players.

You can just play the lottery. But it’s much better to invite people and then you can play for free! If five people register through you, you no longer need to spend your money. That is, you will receive 1 pound sterling for one game from one person. If 5 people will be playing the lottery 4 times a week – you can play for free.

This is a kind of network marketing. But personally, I liked VWD, the prizes are absolutely real! There are no analogues! You can just play the lottery, and you can invite other people!

The only negative – you must buy tickets via credit card. If you do not have a credit card, you have to go to the bank and make it. It is also necessary to clarify in the bank whether the payments through the Internet are allowed.

So, if you like the idea of the syndicate, you can:

1. Play the lottery as a player.

2. Join VWD (Affiliate). You can do it for free. You will receive a referral link; through it you can invite friends or acquaintances. If they start to play through you, then you will always receive £ 1 from every game. But in order to receive these funds, you must fulfill the condition: a new player in a month.

Many people still keep tempting fate in different types of lotteries. Those who are fond of playing it, can do it online now – just go to this lottery online site. If you play Euromillions lottery then it would be smart to bookmark this lottery syndicate site where there can be found much related info. In any case today the online network can help anybody to find lots of types of lotteries including lottery winning numbers to play.

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