The Federal Lotteries In The U.S.

A few years ago such lotteries were conducted in states with small populations, by combining the efforts reaching an acceptable size of jackpot.

But now even densely populated administrative units use them. The most popular lottery is Mega Millions which is carried out in Maryland, Massachusetts, California, Georgia, New Jersey, and New York and in a few others.

The drawing of such a lottery consists of two steps: drawing of five major balls and drawing of the sixth bonus ball. It becomes clear that the chances of winning in such a lottery are practically zero, but the amount of the jackpot stagger the imagination. Precisely Mega Millions (it was then called The Big Game) managed to collect in 2000 the largest jackpot in the U.S., which was equal to 363 million dollars.

It is very popular the other lottery, jackpots of which have many zeros – Powerball. The special association, which includes several states, is in charge of this lottery. Powerball is conducted in 29 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands. To win the jackpot, you have to guess 5 numbers out of 59, and a bonus number of 39. Drawings are held twice a week (Wednesday evening and Saturday) and consist of two parts.

Certainly, the scales of this lottery are amazing, but your chances of winning it are much higher than in the Mega Millions, and the prize amount is almost the same. By the way, you can not only win the jackpot, it is enough to guess 3-5 numbers, and money is in your pocket. Good chance of winning, as well as a large area of conducting made Powerball one of the most popular lotteries in the United States.

People choose the kind of lottery according to their tastes and wishes and also according to the desire to win a certain amount of money. The bigger jackpot, the less chance to win in such a lottery.

Many people still keep pushing their luck in different types of lotteries. Those who are fond of playing it, can do it in the Internet now – just go to this lottery online site. If you play Euromillions lottery then it would be useful to bookmark this lottery syndicate site where there is presented much related info. In any case today the online network can help anybody to find lots of types of lotteries including lottery winning numbers to play.

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