Terms In Poker

Now in this post I am going to inform you about the terms in on-line or live poker.
Some of them you could possibly know some of them you may possibly not.

There are many terms in poker but here are the most common. There are some poker tools that can describe the phrases in poker.

While you are playing you might come throughout the terms:

ACTION – in other words that is a term for betting.
BLIND – in a poker games the is two blind modest blind which is the half of the minimal bet and the big blind which is the minimal bet.
CALL – it is a term that is used when player pays the bet made by another player.

BLUFF – is a term used when a player bets with a weak hand.
BOARD – a term when five cards are placed on the table.

CAPT THE BETTING – it is a term that can be made during the fourth betting round and the others players can only call or fold.

CHECK – it is the most used term. It is an option that permits the players to stay in the hand with out betting, calling or rising, and it can only be used by the big blind if no one makes a raise and by the first player who has made a wager in the rounds, than can be used by the others until someone makes a bet in the round.

COLLUSION – is a term used for a cheating technique. In this technique are involved two or more players that are together, and they are cheating to the other players out of the pot with agreements between them.

COMMUNITY CARDS – are the cards dealt on the board and they are shared between all of the players.
CONCEALED PAIR – is a pair that is faced down.
COWBOYS – are two kings.
DUCK – is a single two.

DEALER BUTTON – is a term for the button that is showing which player is the dealer and is dealing during the game.

FISH HOOKS – are two jacks.
FLOP – It is the second round where the community cards are placed.

FOLD – is a term of an option in which the players can quit the hand during the game.
LADIES – are two queens.

LAY DOWN – when a player is folding a strong hand.
OVER CARD – is the highest card that is in the play on the board.

OVER PAIR – is a term for a concealed pair with higher rate than all the other cards on the board.
RAISE – is a term used when a player is increasing the last bet.

RIVER – is the last and fifth card put on the table.
ROCKETS – is a term for pair of aces. There are many more terms in a poker game but I think that this are the most popular.Remember always to enjoy the poker games and learn and use the poker tips and poker tricks.

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